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Mark Cassara picked up his first saxophone at age six and by age nine had begun his professional career.  His national television debut came on Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour just as he turned sixteen.  By his twenties, Mark was touring East Coast showrooms heading up his own showband, honing not only his excellent playing and showmanship skills, but also his impressive vocal talents.  

Considerable business success kept Cassara largely on his Rochester, New York home circuit, still he managed to front two separate editions of his band, one a top pop venue; the other a well-respected smooth jazz entourage.  Even as both bands and his business ventures were going full guns, Cassara managed to play on a host of other people’s musical efforts including 1995’s Committed to Soul by the Legendary Dukes, 1997’s At Last by the Softones and Carolina Girl by Terri Gore, also 1998’s Carla My Love again by the Softones and 2006’s My Heart by the Showvinistics.  A myriad of television and radio jingles and themes also kept Cassara more than busy.


In 2005, Cassara produced, wrote, arranged and played on his debut CD "Let's Talk Sax."  This vanguard effort met with enthusiastic reviews and significant airplay, with dozens of stations nationwide picking up several of the smooth jazz CD’s rollicking tracks.

Influenced early on by everyone from Stan Getz and Coleman Hawkins to Junior Walker, Cassara music typifies and enhances the smooth jazz genre.  His songs feature high polish with infectious original and unusually clean grooves that often sound deceptively simple.  His music seems to be constantly propelling us into new space and we can hardly resist joining in the adventure.

Born January 3, 1951, Rochester, New York

Mark is available for bookings for all occasions by emailing him.

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